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Jesus Salvation Founder: Ethan Davis

Meet Ethan Davis. Once a wayward soul wandering the bustling streets of Wichita, Kansas, Ethan faced hardship and strife in his early life. But at the age of 32, a transformative encounter with Pastor Benjamin LeBron set him on a new path, opening his eyes to the grace and redemption found in Jesus Christ.

Ethan’s own redemption story, from a life of recklessness to one of faith and service, fuels his passion for helping others find their own path to salvation. After earning a Communications degree from Kansas State University, Ethan chose to reach out to a larger audience by creating

Through this platform, Ethan shares his experiences, scriptures, inspiring stories of salvation, and uplifting prayers. No matter who you are or where you come from, Ethan believes that everyone can experience the transformative power of Jesus’s love and forgiveness.

Ethan Davis

Contact Ethan Davis

Ethan welcomes your questions, comments, and stories. Whether you’re just beginning your spiritual journey we are here to share in the celebration of Jesus’s redemptive love. For Spiritual Guidance seek our suggested list of ministries and spiritual leaders here. 

For website inquiries, please see the contact page. 

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, as Ethan is dedicated to providing thoughtful, personalized responses to each inquiry. | Website | + posts

Ethan Davis, the founder of Jesus Salvation, transformed his life from hardship to faith after a significant encounter at age 32. After earning a Communications degree from Kansas State University, he established to help others towards salvation, sharing inspiring stories, scriptures, and prayers.