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Awesome God How Great Thou Art Lyrics

Awesome God How Great Thou Art Lyrics

Dive into the profoundness of ‘Awesome God: How Great Thou Art’! Explore its origin and uncover its timeless impact across cultures. Its heartfelt lyrics proclaim the handiwork of God in nature and his redemptive power.

Descriptive expressions like “When I in awesome wonder” remind us of our smallness before the vastness of the universe. These words offer solace, encouragement, and awe towards our heavenly Father in a world of distractions.

To embrace the spirit of this song, incorporate it into worship. Immerse yourself in its poetic language and meditate on each message. Let its vivid descriptions fill your mind with the grandeur of God.

Sing or recite these words during moments of solitude and gratitude. Allow them to inspire appreciation for life and remind you of God’s presence in all things. If you’re musically inclined, learn the melody on your favorite instrument to add a personal layer to your worship.

Background of the song “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art Lyrics”

The song “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art Lyrics” carries a rich background, adding to its captivating essence. This hymn has timeless lyrics and powerful melody, becoming an anthem of worship for many believers worldwide.

Rich Mullins, a renowned Christian singer-songwriter, penned the song in the mid-twentieth century. The powerful message and poetic beauty of the lyrics made it a favorite in churches. Its heartfelt expressions of awe and reverence towards God’s greatness resonate deeply with those seeking to connect with their Creator.

This song has the unique ability to transcend various denominations and cultures. Despite being written from an evangelical perspective, “Awesome God” is accepted by Christians of different backgrounds. Its universal appeal lies in its focus on the magnificence of God and His unwavering love for humanity.

To fully embrace the power behind “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art Lyrics”:

  1. Reflect on the lyrics. Meditate on each line. Allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty of God’s creation and His unending grace.
  2. Sing with conviction. Pour your heart into each word. Let your voice rise above any insecurities or distractions as you declare His greatness.
  3. Embrace community. Singing alongside others creates a sense of unity and shared worship experience. Joining together as one voice amplifies the impact of these powerful lyrics.

By following these suggestions, you can immerse yourself in the depth and significance of “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art Lyrics.” May this timeless hymn continue to inspire and lead believers into a deeper understanding of the Almighty.

Analysis of the lyrics

The lyrics of ‘How Great Thou Art‘ are powerful and meaningful. Let’s explore them! Here’s a breakdown of the themes in each verse:

1Appreciation of creation
2Reflection on God’s love
3Observance of Christ’s sacrifice
4Anticipation of eternal life

Verse one reveals gratitude and admiration for nature’s beauty. Verse two reflects on God’s love for us. Verse three contemplates Christ’s sacrifice. The fourth verse anticipates eternal life and acknowledges that all honor and glory belong to God.

Throughout each verse, there’s an underlying theme of worship and reverence. This unifies the song and reinforces its timeless message.

We can bring insights from this analysis into our experience of the song. By embracing its themes, we can deepen our spirituality and appreciation for creation.

When we sing or listen to this song, we should approach it with sincerity and authenticity. This way we can connect deeply with the lyrics and express our emotions genuinely.

It’s also worth studying the historical context in which the song was written. This helps us appreciate the lyrics more and understand their greater significance.

By analyzing and embracing ‘How Great Thou Art‘, we can experience a profound connection with the divine. This song reminds us of God’s greatness and His love for us. Let us let these lyrics resonate in our hearts and spirits as we seek to know our Creator better.

The story behind the composition of the song

Years flew by and this hymn gained fame in various parts of Europe. In 1927, Stuart K. Hine, an English missionary to Ukraine, renewed Boberg’s poem and added new verses to show the greatness of nature and God’s creation. Hine’s version gained a universal appeal and was well-known as ‘How Great Thou Art‘. It struck a chord with people everywhere, spreading its spiritual vibes.

The story of ‘How Great Thou Art‘ didn’t end there. In 1949, American team leaders from Youth for Christ took it to North America. During Billy Graham’s iconic New York City crusade in 1957, George Beverly Shea sang ‘How Great Thou Art‘, bringing it to the mainstream Christian music in America. Since then, it’s become a cherished anthem in churches around the world.

The tremendous impact of ‘How Great Thou Art‘ lies in its classic tune and deep lyrics, that evoke awe and respect for God’s glory. This hymn paints a picture of creation, stirring up feelings that touch our souls. From a Swedish poem to a celebrated masterpiece, ‘How Great Thou Art‘ is a reminder of the might of faith expressed through music. Its legacy lives on, inspiring everyone, reminding us of the amazing God we serve.

From churches to car radios, this song has united believers in worship, proving that even God loves a good jam.

The song’s influence on religious communities and worship

The captivating lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” have had a profound effect on religious communities and worship. This timeless hymn resonates with believers, bringing them closer to God through its powerful words and melody. During congregational singing, heartfelt expressions of praise and adoration arise.

“How Great Thou Art” has become a mainstay of worship services in different denominations. Whether sung in grand cathedrals or humble chapels, this beloved hymn unites worshippers in devotion to a higher power. Its uplifting message speaks to the hearts and souls, providing solace, hope, and inspiration.

Not only does “How Great Thou Art” inspire individual worshippers, but it also fosters a sense of communal spirit. As voices join together in harmony, the walls seem to tremble with reverent energy. This collective expression of faith strengthens the sense of belonging and unity within religious communities.

Though written decades ago, “How Great Thou Art” still resonates with modern generations seeking spiritual nourishment. Its timeless appeal reveals the enduring nature of faith and the human longing for connection with the divine. In an ever-changing world, this hymn serves as an anchor for believers, reminding them of the eternal love and greatness of their Creator.

Let us experience the transformative power of “How Great Thou Art.” Join your fellow worshippers in singing this anthem with heartfelt conviction and let yourself be swept away by its majestic beauty. Together, let us create moments of spiritual transcendence that will remain in our souls long after the final chord fades away.

Critiques and controversies surrounding the song

The lyrics of “How Great Thou Art” have sparked debate. Some say it promotes a narrow view of spirituality, while others question its relevance in modern times. There are also concerns about its lack of diversity and overly-sentimental nature. Additionally, some believe it advocates for a hierarchical relationship between humans and their deity.

Yet, we must recognize its immense historical significance. This song resonates with many worshipers due to its timeless melody and profound expressions of devotion.

Let us have fruitful conversations to expand inclusivity and honor individual interpretations. By embracing diverse perspectives and reflecting on our traditions, we can navigate controversies and celebrate spirituality through music. Let us unravel the layers of significance within this cherished anthem, and ensure all voices are heard.


The song ‘How Great Thou Art‘ evokes a sense of awe and admiration for God. Its powerful words and melodies inspire us to reflect on His greatness. When we delve into each verse, we feel drawn closer to Him.

The first verse paints vivid images of nature’s beauty, reminding us of His handiwork. Each line lifts our hearts, as if echoing the sentiment of the song. The lyrics express deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us, and remind us that it comes from God.

The second verse encourages us to contemplate Jesus’ sacrifice. It speaks of His humble birth and ultimate crucifixion, highlighting His profound love for us. We recognize the depth of God’s love and are grateful for it.

The final verse reminds us that one day we will stand before God in all His glory. We are urged to prepare our souls for this eternal encounter. This reminder compels us to seek a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

These timeless lyrics have been sung around the globe, in churches, concert halls, and even stadiums. Whether belted out by a choir or whispered in private devotion, ‘How Great Thou Art’ still inspires hearts today.

Carl Gustav Boberg wrote it in 1885. Since then, it has been translated into multiple languages and is one of Christianity’s most beloved hymns. Its enduring popularity shows its universal message of praise and appreciation for the greatness of God.



When it comes to the song “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art,” there are many references to explore. They offer valuable knowledge and make the hymn even more meaningful!

Scriptural References: This song is based on various bible passages. For example, Psalms 145:3 praises God’s power and Isaiah 40:12 celebrates His vastness.

Historical References: The lyrics of this anthem come from a Swedish poem by Carl Gustav Boberg in 1885. Later, Stuart K. Hine english-ified it and changed some parts.

Cultural References: “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art” is popular among many different folks. It is both a staple in Christian worship and a symbol of faith.

Plus, there are tons of renditions and adaptations of this song in every genre. From traditional choir performances to modern versions, this hymn continues to motivate lots of people with its lyrics.

Pro Tip: To truly understand “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art,” take a moment to reflect on the scriptural passages. Investigate their meanings and let them bring you closer to the greatness of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the lyrics to the song “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art?

Answer: The lyrics to the song “Awesome God: How Great Thou Art” are as follows:

O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling | Website | + posts

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