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In the pursuit of spiritual growth and connection with the Divine, many individuals seek guidance and support from those who have walked the path before them. Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or looking to deepen your relationship with Jesus, we have curated a list of remarkable individuals and ministries that can provide inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. These leaders are known for their profound insights, compassionate teachings, and commitment to helping others grow in faith.

Top 7 People to Contact for Spiritual Guidance

  1. Shaun Bolz

    • Website: Bolz Ministries
    • Note: Shaun’s prophetic ministry offers a unique blend of wisdom and insight. His resources, shows, and events can guide you to a deeper understanding of God’s word, enriching your spiritual journey.
  2. Kathryn Krik

    • Website: Apostle Kathryn Krick
    • Note: Apostle Kathryn’s healing ministry is a beacon of hope. Her teachings on deliverance and transformation can help you overcome obstacles and find spiritual renewal.
  3. Steve Chua

    • Website: Steve Chua
    • Note: Steve’s focus on heart transformation offers a path to personal growth and fulfillment. His coaching and teachings provide tools to embrace your true identity and destiny in Christ.
  4. Real Talk Kim

    • Website: Real Talk Kim
    • Note: Real Talk Kim’s motivational speaking and writings inspire resilience and empowerment. Her guidance can help you transform from survivor to thriver in your spiritual life.
  5. Georgian Banov

    • Website: Georgian Banov
    • Note: Georgian’s joyful approach emphasizes daily connection with God. His Global Celebration ministry offers a pathway to joy, freedom, and supernatural breakthrough.
  6. Bob Hasson

    • Website: Bob Hasson
    • Note: Bob’s leadership coaching and organizational insights provide a strong foundation for spiritual leaders and organizations. His wisdom can strengthen your leadership skills and team dynamics.
  7. Gary and Sarah Morgan

    • Website: School of Prophets
    • Note: Gary and Sarah’s accurate prophetic ministry and inspirational speaking offer a deep well of spiritual wisdom. Their experience and encounters can bring fresh revelation to your spiritual growth.

Side Note:

  • Local Church or Ministry: Consider finding a local church or ministry that offers spiritual guidance and support. Connecting with a community that shares your beliefs can be a valuable source of encouragement and growth.


Embarking on a spiritual journey is a profound and deeply personal experience. We wish you grace, wisdom, and strength as you explore these paths and connect with the teachings that resonate with your soul. May your journey be filled with love, understanding, and fulfillment, and may you find the guidance you seek in the embrace of Jesus. | Website | + posts

Ethan Davis, the founder of Jesus Salvation, transformed his life from hardship to faith after a significant encounter at age 32. After earning a Communications degree from Kansas State University, he established to help others towards salvation, sharing inspiring stories, scriptures, and prayers.