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what does it mean to follow jesus

what does it mean to follow jesus

To follow Jesus means to accept His teachings, live a life full of love and compassion, and try to mirror His example. It’s a journey of trust, humbleness, and surrender to something greater. When we walk in His steps, transformation happens and we discover the purpose of helping others.

Following Jesus means abandoning our selfish wants and focussing on what others need. Accepting His teachings brings us peace, joy, and a sense of purpose as we find our true selves in Him.

Pro Tip: Ensure commitment through prayer, studying the scriptures, and finding yourself surrounded with believers for support and progression.

Following Jesus isn’t just about walking on water; it’s about jumping in and trusting that faith will be your life jacket.

Understanding the concept of following Jesus

To follow Jesus, one needs to have an intimate bond with him. This means praying regularly, studying the bible, and seeking direction from the Holy Spirit. It also involves allowing transformation to take place and giving up worldly desires to align with God’s plans. It is not a one-time decision; rather, it’s a journey of growth and spiritual development.

Being part of a community of believers is essential for following Jesus. People can encourage, teach, and serve one another in accordance with Jesus’ teachings. Plus, they can keep each other accountable and worship together.

Another key element is discipleship or mentoring. Just like Jesus did with his disciples, followers must share their faith journey, knowledge, and resources with others in order to help them grow spiritually.

To understand this concept better, consider Shara’s story. She was living selfishly until she found out about the power of following Jesus. She was moved by his teachings of love and kindness, so she started volunteering at shelters to help those less fortunate. Through these experiences, she learnt how to live out her faith and deepen her understanding of what it means to be a true disciple.

The teachings of Jesus

Jesus taught us to love our neighbours unconditionally and treat others with respect and empathy. He also reminded us to forgive those who have wronged us, for it can bring inner peace. Compassion should go beyond our immediate circle – aid the poor and vulnerable.

Furthermore, Jesus highlighted humility; to serve, not to seek gain or status. He demonstrated this through washing the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper. On top of this, Jesus spoke of repentance and transformation – to turn away from sin and strive for righteousness. He gave hope by teaching about God’s grace and redemption.

Living according to Jesus’ teachings means committing to love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, service, repentance, and transformation. This will bring spiritual growth and meaningful relationships.

C.S. Lewis said, “Christianity…is a religion you couldn’t have guessed. It has just one fault; it is too good.” Jesus’ teachings challenge conventional wisdom by promoting radical love and compassion to all, without judgement.

Embodying Jesus’ teachings in our daily lives helps us to become more loving, forgiving and compassionate. We can make a positive impact in our communities and on the world. Following Jesus just requires taking one step at a time.

Steps to follow to live a life following Jesus:

Learn His Word: Get to know Jesus by reading and studying the Bible. Let His words shape your actions and choices.

Believe in Faith: Have a firm belief in Jesus Christ as your Savior, trusting in His love, grace, and sacrifice.

Be Kind: Be compassionate and show kindness, like Jesus did. Love everyone, no matter their religion or background.

Pray Often: Talk to God through prayer, asking for wisdom, guidance, and strength.

Help Others: Help those in need, just as Jesus did. Look for chances to show God’s love through acts of service.

By doing these things, you can start a journey of following Jesus completely, getting spiritual growth and finding meaning in life.

Remember that living a life following Jesus needs constant faith development and relying on God’s grace and power.

Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6). This highlights Jesus’s central place in guiding believers to a fulfilling life.

Sticking to Jesus is hard, like searching for a Wi-Fi signal in a cave, but the result is worth it.

The challenges and rewards of following Jesus

Jesus sets a high moral standard for his followers, calling us to love enemies, forgive those who hurt us, and live selflessly. This is tough in a world of selfishness and revenge. But the rewards are great! Jesus promises eternal life, peace, and purpose-filled lives on earth.

Sacrifice and humility are needed to live Jesus’ teachings. We experience joy in serving others and making a positive impact. Plus, we join a global family of believers, which provides strength and celebrates with us.

Cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and studying his word helps us understand his teachings and receive guidance for daily living. Surrounding ourselves with fellow believers such as in churches or small groups also brings support, accountability, and spiritual growth.


It’s clear that choosing to follow Jesus has huge significance and responsibility. It means committing to the principles He lived by; being compassionate, selfless and devoted to serving others. To journey with Jesus, you must give up your own ambitions and align with God’s will. This involves seeking justice, peace and loving without conditions. Following Jesus leads to a meaningful life where your actions reflect your faith. It’s through this pursuit that you can find true fulfillment and eternal significance.

It’s important to know that following Jesus isn’t about being perfect or free from struggles. Instead, it’s about accepting human frailty and leaning on God’s grace for transformation. Acknowledge your weaknesses and failures, while aiming for holiness.

Besides this, you must maintain a relationship with Jesus through prayer, studying the Bible, fellowshipping with other believers and being involved in your church. This relationship gives guidance, comfort and encouragement in tough times.

Remember: Following Jesus isn’t just an individual effort. It’s a communal experience. Look for chances to connect with other believers who can provide support and accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

A: To follow Jesus means to accept Him as your Lord and Savior, to believe in His teachings and example, and to strive to live according to His principles.

Q: How can I begin following Jesus?

A: You can begin following Jesus by acknowledging your need for Him, repenting of your sins, and inviting Him into your life as your guide and leader.

Q: What does it involve to follow Jesus?

A: Following Jesus involves developing a personal relationship with Him, regularly studying His word (the Bible), praying, fellowshipping with other believers, and seeking to align your actions and attitudes with His teachings.

Q: Does following Jesus guarantee a trouble-free life?

A: No, following Jesus does not guarantee a trouble-free life. In fact, Jesus Himself warned His followers that they would face challenges and persecution. However, He also promised to be with them and give them strength and peace in the midst of difficulties.

Q: Can anyone follow Jesus?

A: Yes, anyone who desires to can follow Jesus. His invitation is open to all, regardless of age, background, or past mistakes. He welcomes everyone who genuinely seeks Him.

Q: What are the benefits of following Jesus?

A: The benefits of following Jesus include experiencing forgiveness, purpose, joy, and eternal life. Following Jesus also brings transformation, guidance, and a sense of belonging to a loving and supportive community of believers. | Website | + posts

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