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who did jesus raise from the dead


Throughout time, people have come back from the dead. Jesus raised someone in particular: Lazarus. This famous miracle showed Jesus’ divine power and compassion for humanity.

Lazarus was a close friend of Jesus and his sisters Martha and Mary. When he fell ill and passed away, his sisters were heartbroken. But they held onto hope that Jesus could come to their rescue.

Four days after death, Jesus arrived at the tomb. Many watched, some doubting. But Jesus called out to Lazarus and commanded him to come forth from the grave. Miraculously, Lazarus arose, still in burial clothes.

Exploring stories like Lazarus’ resurrection can teach us more about Jesus’ power and remind us of his ability to overcome death. Zombies are envious of Jesus’ revival skills!

Who Jesus Raised from the Dead

Jesus had a wild party trick – raising the dead! His close friend, Lazarus, was brought back to life after four days in the ground. This shocked those who saw it!

The Widow’s Son was also resurrected by Jesus. As he passed through Nain, Jesus showed mercy and restored the son’s life. This showed his authority over life itself.

Jairus’ daughter was revived by Jesus. He took her by the hand, despite doubt and disbelief, and restored her life. It showed his mastery over death.

At Nain, Jesus halted a funeral procession for a young man, and brought him back to life. This left the witnesses filled with awe and wonder.

There were more resurrections by Jesus – one that’s really fascinating. Three people, mentioned in Matthew, were revived. We don’t know their names or stories, but it shows Jesus’ power to bring back life.

To relate to Jesus’ miracles today, one can do the following:

  1. Foster a connection with others, like Jesus’ compassionate nature.
  2. Cultivate faith amidst doubt, as Jesus did.
  3. Approach challenges with humility and surrender control. This can invite divine intervention into your life.

The Raising of Lazarus

To understand the raising of Lazarus, delve into the context of Lazarus’ death, Jesus’ arrival and interaction with Martha and Mary, and the miraculous resurrection. Each sub-section offers a unique perspective on this significant event, shedding light on the circumstances, human interaction, and divine intervention that unfolded during this extraordinary moment.

The Context of Lazarus’ Death

In the ancient tale of ‘The Raising of Lazarus‘, the context surrounding his death is vital. It’s a gripping narrative that questions life and death.

Martha and Mary are in distress when their beloved Lazarus‘ illness worsens. Hope arrives when they hear of Jesus nearby. His miracles and faith are their beacon of light in their darkest hour.

An extraordinary encounter between Jesus and Lazarus’ family takes place, showing the power of faith. It’s not fiction, but has deep meaning in many cultures and religious traditions.

The ‘Flesh-Eating Bacteria Miracle‘ reminds us of this. A young woman named Aimee Copeland was left near death after contracting an aggressive bacteria. Despite medical professionals’ grim prognoses, her spirit and family’s prayers saw her recover against all odds.

The Raising of Lazarus‘ explores timeless themes: fragility of life, power of belief, and divine intervention. It continues to resonate with audiences, that miracles can happen in extraordinary circumstances.

Jesus’ Arrival and Interaction with Martha and Mary

Jesus’ arrival sparked an exciting exchange between Martha and Mary. He entered their home not as a stranger, but as a harbinger of change. Their hearts were stirred by his words, leaving an indelible mark on their souls. Every word He spoke was a golden thread of understanding that enlightened them.

Martha’s industrious nature was evident as she busied herself while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, listening intently. This contrast between service and thirst for wisdom added depth to their meeting.

John Piper’s book “Brothers We Are Not Professionals” supports the significance of this encounter on Martha and Mary. It served as a catalyst for their spiritual growth and transformation—shaping them into fervent disciples of Christ’s message of redemption.

The Miraculous Resurrection

“The Raising of Lazarus” is miraculous! Let’s uncover its implications by exploring the details. Participants, time, and place had an outcome of restoration to life, amazement, and a demonstration of divine power.

We feel for Lazarus’ family and friends in grief, yet this despair sets the stage for Jesus’ wondrous resurrection. His act affirms authority over life and death.

Pro Tip: Miracles thrive in moments of despair. Jesus showed us this with the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus – a true holy DJ spinning miracles on repeat!

Other Instances of Jesus Raising the Dead

To understand other instances of Jesus raising the dead, dive into the miracles performed by Him. Explore the tales of The Daughter of Jairus and The Widow’s Son at Nain, as they showcase the extraordinary power of resurrection. Witness the profound impact of these supernatural acts of life-restoration.

The Daughter of Jairus

Jesus arrives at Jairus’ home to prove His divine power over death. He enters the room with a few disciples, takes the girl’s hand and says, “Child, arise!” In a moment, her cheeks are filled with colour and she opens her eyes.

The crowd is left in awe, witnessing this miraculous rejuvenation of life. It displays Jesus’ power, as well as His empathy for those who suffer loss. This resurrection serves as a reminder of Jesus’ divine ability to bring hope to even the most impossible circumstances.

It surpasses our understanding of life and death, yet still reveals His love for us. His miraculous displays of grace and restoration give us faith and courage to face life’s challenges.

The Widow’s Son at Nain

The story of the Widow’s Son at Nain is an amazing tale of Jesus’ power to bring someone back to life. It happened in Nain, where Jesus saw a funeral for a young man. Seeing the mother’s grief, Jesus felt compassion and spoke kindly to her. He then commanded the young man to rise. Astonishingly, he did!

Jesus also resurrected Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus had been buried four days when Jesus came to his tomb. Jesus said, “Come out,” and Lazarus emerged alive.

Jairus’ daughter was another example. Jairus believed Jesus could bring her back. Jesus took her hand and spoke life into her. She woke up, like she’d just been asleep.

These stories show the incredible acts Jesus did during his time on earth. He had authority over death and compassion for those who hurt. Through these stories, we see the divine power of Jesus and it still inspires faith and hope across generations.

From changing water into wine to raising the dead, Jesus could do it all – a party trick with eternal implications!

Significance and Impact of Jesus’ Miracles

Jesus stands out as a miraculous figure. His extraordinary acts left a lasting impression. He healed the sick, cast out demons and even raised the dead! Showcasing his divine power, he gave hope to a broken world.

The power and authority of Jesus captivated those who saw his miracles unfold. Restoring sight to the blind and enabling the paralyzed to walk, Jesus demonstrated his divinity. These miracles weren’t just about physical healing – they symbolized spiritual restoration and redemption.

Jesus’ miracles served as evidence for his claim to be the Son of God. He challenged religious leaders and invited others to trust him. One remarkable miracle was raising Lazarus from the dead. This highlighted his power over life and death, as well as his compassion for humanity.

Though we may not witness such miracles today, their significance and impact still reverberate through history. They remind us of Jesus’ divine nature and offer hope in impossible situations. Faith in Jesus, who has power over all things, is an invitation.

If you’re still craving answers, remember this – Jesus may have raised others, but he couldn’t raise the roof quite like Lazarus!


Seeking to discover who Jesus resurrected, we explored multiple stories and studied the miracles of the Son of God. From Lazarus to Jairus’ daughter, each resurrection displays Christ’s power and compassion. These remarkable acts show Jesus’ divinity and promise of life beyond the grave.

Lazarus’ revival demonstrates Jesus’ power to conquer death after 4 days. But his resurrection of Jairus’ daughter proves his authority over even mortality’s finality. It’s a reminder that no matter how grim or irreversible a situation may be, Jesus can bring life back to those who’ve gone.

His own resurrection is especially significant. Jesus defeats death once and for all. He grants salvation and eternal life to all who believe in him. This event testifies to his role as the Savior and confirms his authority over life and death.

These resurrections make it clear that Jesus holds the key to everlasting life. As believers, we must trust him and accept the hope he offers. We can’t miss out on this opportunity for redemption and joy in his presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who did Jesus raise from the dead?

A: Jesus raised several people from the dead, including Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter, the widow’s son at Nain, and himself after his crucifixion.

Q: How did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

A: Jesus commanded Lazarus to come out of the tomb, and Lazarus obeyed and emerged alive, despite having been dead for four days.

Q: Why did Jesus raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead?

A: Jairus, a synagogue leader, pleaded with Jesus to heal his dying daughter. Jesus responded with compassion and raised her from the dead to restore her to life.

Q: What happened when Jesus raised the widow’s son at Nain?

A: Jesus encountered a funeral procession for the only son of a widow. Filled with compassion, Jesus touched the coffin and commanded the young man to arise, bringing him back to life.

Q: Did Jesus really raise himself from the dead?

A: Yes, Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection. After his crucifixion, Jesus miraculously rose from the dead on the third day, conquering death and providing salvation for humanity.

Q: How do these resurrection miracles showcase Jesus’ power?

A: The stories of Jesus raising people from the dead demonstrate his authority over death and his ability to bring life. These miracles serve as evidence of his divinity and reveal his mission to conquer sin and death. | Website | + posts

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