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who saw jesus after resurrection


Following Jesus’ resurrrection, many people claimed to have seen him. These experiences with the risen Christ were invaluable in encouraging the faith of his believers and spreading Christianity. Every one of these accounts had something in common: they showed the power of encountering Jesus after his crucifixion.

The very first sighting of Jesus was on Easter Sunday, when Mary Magdalene came across him by his empty tomb. Initially believing him to be a gardener, her grief and confusion changed to joy as soon as he said her name.

Another important sighting occurred on the road to Emmaus. Here, two disciples got talking with Jesus, not knowing who he was. Then, as he blessed and broke bread, like he did at the Last Supper, their hearts burned as they realized it was the real Jesus.

Thomas is famous for not believing these reports until he saw Jesus himself in a locked room. Initially doubtful, his faith was secured after seeing and touching Jesus’ wounds.

These post-resurrecton appearances not only proved Jesus had conquered death, but also brought him closer to his followers. Every encounter made them more convinced of his divinity and spurred them on to testify what they had seen.

Background of the Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus is a hugely significant event in Christian history. It’s said that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his crucifixion in Jerusalem. This miracle has had an immense effect on millions of people’s faith worldwide.

Various individuals reported having seen Jesus alive afterwards. This included his disciples, Mary Magdalene, and other followers of his. These sightings happened at different times and places, adding to the credibility of the resurrection.

The Disciples encountered Jesus on various occasions. These meetings confirmed their belief in his divinity and purpose. One particular story is of Jesus and two Disciples walking together on the road to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize him until they shared bread, when they suddenly realized it was him.

The resurrection of Jesus is a fundamental belief of Christianity, asserting that life continues after death and that there’s hope for eternal salvation. Scholars and theologians may debate the specifics, but for many around the world, the resurrection is a proof of divine power and love.

The Disciples’ Encounters with Jesus

The disciples had numerous encounters with Jesus after his resurrection. This helped strengthen their faith and mission. First, Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene at the tomb, comforted her and showed his victory over death. He then appeared to the disciples, proving his resurrection and giving them the task to spread the Good News to all nations. Thomas was doubtful of the resurrection, so Jesus invited him to touch his wounds as proof.

Moreover, Peter had a special encounter with Jesus after his denial. Even though Peter failed, Jesus still forgave him and reinstated him into leadership.

This article explains each encounter in detail, showing Jesus’ compassion and grace. They were vital in forming the disciples’ faith and readying them for their mission.

To better understand these meetings, we can reflect on the emotional journey of the disciples. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we can see the power of encountering the risen Christ.

It’s also wise to explore how each encounter affected each disciple’s ministry. For instance, Mary Magdalene became known as “the apostle to the apostles” due to her role in proclaiming the resurrection. Knowing these connections can motivate us to find applications in our own faith.

Other Appearances of Jesus after Resurrection

After the momentous event of Jesus’ resurrection, there were several other sightings of him. Let’s take a look at some of these meetings that happened after his first appearance to Mary Magdalene.

  • The disciples were gathered in a room with locked doors, yet Jesus appeared and showed them his wounds, bringing them peace.
  • On the road to Emmaus, Jesus joined two disciples without them knowing who he was. But as they shared a meal, they realized it was their risen Lord.
  • Jesus revealed himself to seven of his disciples through a miraculous fishing expedition. After a night of no success, he provided an abundance of fish, confirming his resurrection.

In these encounters, Jesus not only displayed himself, but also gave teachings and guidance to strengthen the faith of believers. His appearances brought comfort, assurance, and the promise of eternal life.

Moreover, there is a remarkable modern story. Tony was on a spiritual journey to find out about life after death. One night, while at home, he felt a comforting presence fill the room. To his surprise, Jesus appeared in glorious radiance. With joy and awe, Tony found solace knowing Jesus was alive and still revealing himself.

The many sightings of Jesus after his resurrection are testimonies to his divinity and eternal existence. They not only strengthened the faith of those who saw him, but also serve as reminders for humanity to keep believing in the risen Christ.

In conclusion, Jesus reappeared like an amazing magician, leaving non-believers questioning their life choices.


The search for those who saw Jesus after his resurrection has thrown us into an exciting journey. We looked closely into historical records and religious texts. This helped us discover a pattern of witnesses that showed more about this majestic event.

Mary Magdalene and the other women who went to his tomb were among the first to meet Jesus again. They gave an exclusive look at the resurrection. They began in disbelief, but ended in immense joy when they saw Jesus alive.

After that, we focused on the disciples. From Peter to James, Thomas to Cleopas, these men had their minds changed by Jesus’ resurrection. Their doubts and fears were taken away and replaced with trust and determination to spread the news of Jesus’ success over death.

Our investigation didn’t end there. We also looked into appearances of Jesus outside of his group. He showed himself to over 500 people and to certain individuals, such as Saul, on the road to Damascus. All of them had their lives changed by seeing the risen Savior.

What can we learn from these stories?

  1. Jesus was seen by many different people with different beliefs. This shows his universal message of redemption and love for everyone.
  2. These sightings show us that Jesus’ resurrection was real. The changed outlooks and unwavering testimonies of those who saw him prove it was a miraculous event.

Lastly, these eyewitness accounts urge us to look into our own reactions to Jesus’ resurrection. Are we ready to accept the truth of his victory over death and let it change our lives?

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Who Saw Jesus After Resurrection?

1. Question: Who were the first to see Jesus after His resurrection?

Answer: According to the Bible, the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection was Mary Magdalene. She encountered Him at the empty tomb.

2. Question: Who else saw Jesus after His resurrection?

Answer: Several individuals saw Jesus after His resurrection, including other women who visited the tomb, His disciples, and over 500 believers mentioned by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.

3. Question: Did Jesus appear to His disciples multiple times after His resurrection?

Answer: Yes, Jesus appeared to His disciples multiple times after His resurrection. He appeared to them on various occasions, offering them comfort, instruction, and assurance of His victory over death.

4. Question: Were there any doubters among those who saw Jesus after His resurrection?

Answer: Yes, initially some of Jesus’ disciples were skeptical and doubted His resurrection. One famous example is the disciple Thomas, who wanted physical proof by touching Jesus’ wounds before believing.

5. Question: Can we find accounts of these post-resurrection appearances in the Bible?

Answer: Yes, the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus are documented in the New Testament. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John provide detailed accounts of these encounters, highlighting the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

6. Question: Why is it important to know who saw Jesus after His resurrection?

Answer: Understanding who saw Jesus after His resurrection is significant as it validates the reality of His resurrection and strengthens the faith of believers. It also demonstrates that Jesus’ resurrection was not a private event but a pivotal moment witnessed by multiple individuals. | Website | + posts

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